He wanted to recreate the scene of “Titanic” with his girlfriend and drowned [VIDEO] | New Web Diary

A wedding couple from Turkey starred in a real tragedy after trying to recreate the famous “Titanic pose”. Nothing went as expected and the young man lost his life after both slipped and fell into the sea.

Furkan Ciftci Y mine Dinar, both 23 years old, had gone fishing Izmit, in the northwestern Turkish province of Kocaeli, where moments before they had drunk alcohol, according to the British media Daily Star.

After passing a security chain, the young people headed to the edge of the pier with the intention of imitating the scene of the 1997 Oscar-winning film starring Leonardo Dicaprio Y Kate Winslet.

In the same, Jack – DiCaprio – and Rose – Winslet – they are on the edge of the famous and monumental ship, she in front and he behind, They join their arms to the sides of the body and shout their love to the world. The couple fantasized about recreating that moment, but it happened that both slipped and fell into the water, around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Some fishermen who were passing by saw the scene and ran to help them. A Mine was managed to get her alive from the ocean after she grabbed the end of a fishing rod, The Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, a search operation was launched to find Furkan, in which firefighters and a diving team participated. . Unfortunately, they could do nothing with the young man, whose body was rescued two hours later, already lifeless.

Meanwhile, the young woman was immediately transferred to the Kocaeli State Hospital, where she told the authorities that they were drinking alcohol while fishing and then the intention for which they approached the edge of the pier.

There would be a video captured by the security cameras on the Turkish coast where the lovers are seen in a small boat and then they are seen placing several chairs to get on the pier, moments before the fateful outcome.

According to local media, Furkan’s body will undergo an autopsy before his funeral, to determine the cause of death, while the investigation of the case continues to advance in order to confirm the recreation of the scene.

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