Genzano, filming of Fast & Furious 10 in the historic center ended this morning

Genzano – The film operations and shooting of the tenth film of the American cult series “Fast & Furious” with Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel ended this morning, shot in central Rome and in the town of Castelli Romani. Ten days of testing and two of actual shooting, yesterday the scenes involved the rotating bomb that passes over a restaurant, destroying it and trying to run over a runaway motorcycle. Today the production has taken away all the means and through the workers and technicians it is restoring the places of the set, where street lamps, light poles and road signs had been removed, to shoot the reckless scenes of the American saga among the most famous in the world. They did not come to Genzano, Momoa and Diesel, as the scenes included chases, firefights with the carabinieri, road accidents, rotating bombs that exploded and motorcyclists on the run, played by stuntmen, with the presence of many extras along the central via Italo Belardi. The street that in a few weeks will also host the traditional and world-famous Genzanese Infiorata Saturday, Sunday and Monday 18, 19 and 20 June. The mayor of Genzano Carlo Zoccolotti and the municipal councilor delegated to trade Luca Temofonte are very satisfied, for the success of the ten days of shooting, rehearsals and scenes, which have attracted thousands of visitors to the town of Castelli Romani in recent days. The Local Police of Genzano served throughout the filming period by regulating the traffic in the center for the various prohibitions and closed roads and for the safety of all those present, directed by the commander on the spot Manola D’amato. Photo Video Luciano Sciurba

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