Gasoline price: for the first time it exceeds $4 dollars per gallon in the entire United States

For the first time in the entire United States, gasoline exceeds $4 dollars per gallon.

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Now yes, the 50 states of this country know what it is to pay more than $4 dollars for a gallon of gasoline. What used to be a problem only in the coastal areas of the United States or in cities considered expensive, this week is everyone’s business. According to AAA data.

Although it was a price that was seen in several states of the country, this week Kansas, Georgia and Oklahoma crossed the $4 mark. While states like California, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Hawaii, gasoline already has an average price that has even crossed $5 dollars. Particularly in Los Angeles County, gasoline exceeded $6 dollars per gallon days ago.

For some experts this is not a surprise, in view of high oil prices, high demand, and the limitations of some refineries. This is what the professor of economics at the University of California, Severin Borenstein, points out to The Washington Post.

These high prices, together with inflation in the United States, aggravate the difficulties and economic challenges for families with low purchasing power.

How much more can gasoline continue to rise

President Joe Biden has addressed the issue and has justified it with the inflation figures, pointing out that they “juggle” to address various issues of national interest such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the shortage of baby formula and the mass shootings that have occurred in recent days in the country.

For the expert, Borenstein, oil prices are difficult to predict, hence those of gas. However, oil futures markets indicate that next year they could go down. However, the economist believes that “politicians must better explain what is happening, instead of concentrating on their own energy agendas.”

But for the rest of 2022, it looks like gas prices could continue to rise.

For his part, Erich Muehlegger, also a professor at the University of California, pointed out that the options for lowering the prices of the essence in the short term are few. And he stressed that the Democrats in the House of Representatives are promoting legislation “to prohibit price increases” Although it is known that oil prices depend on global supply and demand.

The previous record for the price of gasoline was just days ago, when it exceeded $4.45 dollars per gallon.

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