Emma Watson says even those close to her struggle to see their true woman

In many ways, Emma Watson has become synonymous with Hermione Granger. The actress spent a decade of her life playing the shining witch, so people often associate her with her character. This association has only been strengthened by the similarities that Watson shares with Hermione. They are both cultured, eloquent, and highly intelligent, and therefore people often see them as one and the same. Even those close to Watson may have a hard time separating them.

Emma Watson and Hermione Granger merged

Watson felt an affinity for Hermione from the moment she was introduced to him in the books. In fact, when the shining ring actor was auditioning for the Harry Potter movies, she always knew she would be considered for Hermione. Watson admits that she felt connected to Hermione’s intelligence, bravery and strength. She understands how important the witch is to millions of people because Hermione was (and is) very important to her.

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