El Bicho dethrones La Roca as the highest paid on Instagram

Dwayne Johnson held the title of Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity for years, but now he’s dropped to second place by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, known as The bugbeat Dwayne “The rock” Johnson as the celebrity who charges the most money for an advertising post on Instagram.

Apart from overcoming with his 442 million of followers to La Roca with its 315 millionCristiano Ronaldo has also surpassed Dwayne Johnson in the advertising space of Instagram, charging more than him per publication.

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Total, Cristiano Ronaldo would earn $1,604,000 dollars per post on your account, while Dwayne Johnson handles an estimated $1,523,000 by post.

This estimate was revealed by the Hopper HQ platform, which has made a list from the highest to the lowest of the celebrities who advertise on their accounts.

In this way Cristiano Ronaldo would have the first place, followed by Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande in third place with $1,510,000 per post, Kylie Jenner with $1,494,000 and Selena Gomez in fifth with $1,468,000 dollars.

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The actor and former WWE wrestler was one of the highest paid actors in advertising on the platform, being one of the favorites for the brands, now the footballer will be the one who could take the favoritism of the advertising brands.


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