‘Downey’s Dream Cars’ to be Robert Downey Jr.’s new series for Discovery+

Robert Downey Jr. stays away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his departure after Avengers: Endgame and now he focuses on his next two projects. The Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan and his new series for Discovery+ that has been revealed since The Hollywood Reporter, Downey’s Dream Cars (provisional name at the moment). The fiction will closely follow the actor and his team of experts restoring and repairing classic cars so that they are more in line with modern times. and, in addition, they become ecological vehicles.

“My goal is to show that it is possible to maintain the integrity of classic cars while taking advantage of new technology and innovation to make them more environmentally friendly. I am delighted that audiences will be able to see this series on Discovery+ later this year,” said Robert Downey. Jr. in a statement.

Robert Downey Jr.

Nancy Daniels, Discovery Brand Directoralso wanted to add a few words to the presentation of the project, which of course is already in the sights of any Iron Man fan in the MCU: “We are excited to bring to the public a series that shows the spirit of who Downey is, putting his passion for the environment center stage.”

Sherlock Holmes is also in the actor’s sights

In addition to the two projects already mentioned, it is also known that Downey Jr. is working on two new series of Sherlock Holmes on HBO Max to expand the Guy Ritchie universe on television The main character will appear in Sherlock Holmes 3 and the two television spin-offs will be produced by the man who once played Tony Stark on the big screen. It is clear that the artist has a great future outside the Marvel Cinematic Universesince he has quite a few projects on his hands at the moment.

Will we see him at some point make a cameo in Marvel? The multiverse will give us any surprise with our beloved Iron Man?


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