Denzel Washington Was Totally Responsible For Casting Major Elvis In Baz Luhrmann’s New Movie (And No, Not Tom Hanks)

Taking on the life of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, is a huge undertaking. Fortunately, Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming movie about the music icon struck the right note with Austin Bulter as the King as seen in the explosive Elvis trailer, which also stars Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker. Here’s a fun trivia fact about Butler’s involvement: Luhrmann has revealed that it was two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington who was entirely responsible for the young actor being cast as Elvis.

Denzel Washington hasn’t been afraid to support actors when the time comes. The Oscar-winning talent has proven more than once that he can spot great talent, as evidenced by his work as a director. During the casting process to find the right Elvis, Baz Luhrmann revealed that it was Washington who vouched for Austin Butler after co-starring with him in the play. the ice man is coming in 2018. The Moulin Rogue the director spilled how the equalizer star sealed the deal for Butler:

And then I got a call from Denzel Washington, who cold called me. I didn’t know Denzel. And he said, ‘I just worked with this guy on stage. I have never seen a work ethic like this. And I’m like, ‘OK, I have to see it.’

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