Chris Rock: “You have to defend women but Amber Heard lies”

The trial for defamation that Johnny Depp maintains with his ex-partner Amber Heard never ceases to amaze us. After witnessing how Heard fired her publicists when she saw that she lost media support, the interpreter of Aquaman confirmed that Warner and DC did not want her in the film, even announcing that her presence would be reduced due to fears of the major to the boycott. A few days ago we attended her confessions about Depp’s alleged mistreatment in a testimony that went viral on social networks. and now he is Chris Rockattacked by Will Smith at the last Oscar gala, the one who thinks Amber Heard is lying. (goes Vanity Fair).

Chris Rock thinks that Amber Heard is lying and that her testimonies make no sense

“Seriously, believe all women, believe all women, except Amber Heard”, Rock explained in one of his comedy shows, which have sold out and have become a real success in the United States. Rock thinks that the moment that changed everything was the one when the actress assured that she defecated in her husband’s bedand that he even deposited his own feces next to Depp in the marriage bed back in 2016 stating that “it was a surprise” and “a horrible prank that didn’t go well.” Heard blamed the actor’s dogs.

Amber Heard

“What the hell is wrong with him? He shit on his bed. It’s fine, but it didn’t shit well. She has shit on her bed. Once you shit in someone’s bed, you’re to blame for everything the fuck going on in there?” Rock commented in his monologue. “And they continued to have a relationship after this. It has to be an incredible cunt, I’ve been with some crazy bitches, but damn it, “he continued in his performance, in which he made references to his aggression by Smith at the gala. “Well, today everyone is a victim”, he admitted on stage. And he ended his show with a reflection.

Once you shit on someone’s bed, you’re guilty of everything. There are real victims who deserve to be heard and deserve our love

There are real victims in the world who deserve to be heardThey deserve our love and compassion. But if everyone claims to be a victim, then no one listens to the real victims. We say that the world is addicted to opiates, but no the number 1 addiction in the world is attention. Anyone who says that Words hurts He has never received a punch in the face,” concluded Rock, who advocates paying attention to people who are victims of mistreatment and abuse.

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