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After a forced postponement due to the pandemicthe Cannes Film Festival he returned to his usual appointment in May with a very large selection, seeking to maintain his scepter as best film competition in the worldwith titles by well-known filmmakers and, at the same time, fueling the hopes of surprising the new generation of filmmakers.

In these twelve days, together with teachers like the Canadian David Cronenbergthe french brothers Dardennethe korean Park-Chan-Wookthe Japanese Hirokazu Koreedaand the North American James Graythe protagonists of their stories will walk the red carpet: Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Tom Hanks, michelle williams, Viggo Mortensen Y Javier Bardemamong others.

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In order to delight international critics and moviegoers of various tastes, Thierry Fremaux, artistic delegate of Cannes, has even opted to transform TV series into “products for the big screen”. Such is the case of Irma Vepfrom French Olivier AssayasY Sternum Nottefrom Italian Marco Bellocchio, Palm of Honor in this contest the previous year. Screened in its entirety (5 chapters, with a half-hour break), this latest title relives the tragedy that Aldo Moorpresident of the Italian Christian Democracy party, kidnapped and assassinated by the Red Brigades, drawing the first applause in the croisette.

Making use of his usual impeccable aesthetic, Bellocchio meticulously reconstructs the 55 days of suffering of the political leader that ended with his death in May 1978. With an empathetic gaze, even in the face of errors and weaknesses of those who surrounded the luminous and admired Moro, the series manages to move the audience thanks to its interpreters in a state of grace (Fabrizio Gifuni embodies Moor; Marguerita Buyto his wife Eleonora; Faust Russo in the role of Minister of the Interior Francesco Cossiga; Tony Servillois Pope Paolo VI) and to the mixture of strong and human images that truthfully recall that painful and bitter episode that marked a change in Italian politics.

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The brightest star will be, without a doubt, Tom Cruisewhich returns to the croisette with the world premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, in the role of pilot that launched him to the peak of his career, this time bent on training recruits to fulfill an apparently suicidal war mission. This afternoon he will have the long-awaited rendezvous with the press, which has battled madly for days to get the proper ticket on-line. The platform is still bad.

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