Booker T doesn’t think Tammy Sytch should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame

After multiple arrests for different crimes and being accused of involuntary manslaughter by causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence of alcohol, Bill DeMott, former WWE and WCW fighter, opened the debate about whether Tammy Sytch should be expelled from the Hall of the WWE fame. Now, Booker T, who is also part of the select group of Hall of Fame talents, has given his opinion on the subject, and the former world champion believes that there would be no throwing her out. These were his statements on his podcast, Hall of Fame:

“As for Tammy being kicked out of the Hall of Fame, that’s going to spark a debate. For me, I’m not looking for reasons to kick someone out of the WWE Hall of Fame. At least for me personally. I don’t think kicking her out of the Hall of Fame is going to hurt or help her. no way.

Personally, I don’t even know what it would mean, to be honest. What is happening in his life right now? People can say what they want about it, but I know that alcoholism is a very, very difficult thing to come out of.”

As for DeMott’s opinion, a few weeks ago, the former WWE Performance Center wrestler and trainer strongly commented that she should be expelled. own Sytch responded to these statements aggressively, saying that if anyone gets kicked out of the Hall of Fame, it should be DeMott, for harassing female talent and demeaning male talent.

At the moment, WWE has not ruled on this issue, and Tammy Sytch is waiting in prison for the trial to be held on her case.

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