Billie Eilish, the transparent bra drives you crazy: what bombs

Billie Eilish doesn’t stop. After Coachella and the Met Gala, the singer conquers social networks: the close-up shot is really hot

Just 20 years old Billie Elish is one of the brightest stars in world music. She was just over fifteen when the singer appeared on the music stage with the song Ocean Eyes, and she hasn’t stopped since. From the songs at the top of the hit parades, up to the many awards (including seven Grammys and an Oscar). The audience really appreciated the singer’s intimate and original sound.

billie eilish 17052022
Billie Eilish (Ansa Photo)

Billie Elish she recently starred in two major social events, took the stage at the famous Coachella Festival, and attended the Met Gala. While the work for new recordings continues constantly, the singer delights her fans with ever new content. Soon, for example, she will release her perfume in Canada and in Europe Eilish, already released in the United States. In short, from music, the singer is also expanding to other sectors. A real successful machine where her talent is constantly rewarded.

Billie Eilish, the shot is hot: lace and transparencies for the foreground on social media

billie eilish 17052022
Billie Eilish (Instagram screenshot)

With fame, even the private life of Eilish ended up in the spotlight. Billie is very reserved when it comes to her private matters, and she keeps her non-professional life out of the spotlight and social networks. However, she too has to deal with the fearsome paparazzi, who discovered the singer’s engagement to Matthew Tyler Vorce. The two have been together for a year now, even if the artist has never wanted to confirm their relationship.

Billie Eilish it is obviously very popular also on social networks, with over 100 million followers on Instagram alone. In the last post published on her page, Billie wanted to share some shots of the last few months. In the first image, the singer showed all her sensuality, with a close-up that highlights her beauty. Between lace and transparencies, the top chosen for the occasion leaves very little room for imagination. There Eilish she really grew up in the spotlight, and has no problem showing fans that she is no longer the shy and introverted girl of the beginning.

Another image that impressed the fans is the one that sees the singer posing with her colleague Justin Bieber. On social media, many are already clamoring for a possible collaboration between the two.

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