Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is getting a new movie

Hulu and 20th Century Studios develop a new film adaptation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A priori, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenfrom Alan Moore Y Kevin O’Neill, is one of those great comic book concepts that should be able to adapt to the screen perfectly. The original story consisted of mixing public domain victorian era pop culture characters and bring them together into what was essentially a team of superheroes, telling metatextual stories about other stories through the lens of iconic heroes and villains.

In addition, the premise allows it to be extended to other times: Allan Quartermain appears at a time james-bond (or at least a British spy with the serial numbers removed) in another. That must have been thought by the bosses of Hulu Y 20th Century Studios by commissioning a new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie that aims to make us forget the 2003 version that we didn’t even Sean Connery could save.

Justin Haythewhose various credits range from Revolutionary Roadthe drama starring Leonardo Dicaprio Y Kate Winsletto the espionage thriller red sparrow from Jennifer Lawrence, has been hired to write the script for the project, which is intended to be made into a Hulu movie. Haythe and the rest of the film crew will be based on the main comic series for your next iteration. This is good news for fans, given that the 2003 film strayed from its source material.

The first two volumes of the comics were published by an imprint of DC Comics beginning in 1999, but the creator-owned series moved to independent publishers after Moore, the author of the comic book classics Watchmen Y v for Vendetta, watched his infamous relationship with DC deteriorate further. Several volumes and graphic novels followed, with the last plotline ending in 2019.

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