WWE: They still plan to separate Dominik and Rey Mysterio on WWE Raw

In a new program Wrestling Observer Radiojournalist Dave Mltzer assured that WWE still has in mind to separate the Mysterio (Rey and Dominic) so that he has a rivalry and boost Dominik.

“There’s been a lot of talk about splitting them up for months. When tension was building between Rey and Dominik, they let the time go by and completely forgot about that plan. They probably set up the split like three or four times“, commented Meltzer on the situation of the Mysterio.

the last show of Monday Night RAWWWE did not explicitly imply that their union would be broken immediately, but the angle of revenge towards Veer Mahaan engulfs Dominik, making it the focus of a possible impulse individually. Regarding this, Meltzer had some statements:

“I know they were told they were going to be separated when Rey took time off to do her stem cell operation. They cut their plans with Dominik’s angle of injury, implying that later they would launch the youngest of the Mysterios on their own. But the problem is that Dominik on his own is going to be dead. Rey will always be on top because he’s ‘Rey Mysterio,’ however I don’t know if they’ll really do anything with him because of his size and age.”

In addition, Meltzer noted that apparently, Rey and Dominik will boost Mahaan with a loss in their new rivalry“People always support Rey, so something can always be done with him, but do you think they’re going to make Rey beat Veer Mahaan? I don’t think they will. Rey’s job is to be the underdog and fight gallantly. losing to these guys. That’s the role he has in the company.”

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