Would Margot Robbie be the replacement for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?

DIt is of what Johnny Depp out of projects as ambitious as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or ‘Fantastic Beasts’, There are many fans who during these years have wondered if the actor would return at some point to two of his fetish sagas.

In the JK Rowling universe it seems complicated, since Mads Mikkelsen has already been hired and it seems that will continue until the end of the five films that will conclude the story of Newt and company.

However, the character of Jack Sparrow would still have opportunities to return. In the words of the producer of the pirate saga, Jerry Bruckheimer, to the Sunday Times newspaper, “the future is yet to be decided” regarding the upcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie.

There are two scripts, one with Margot Robbie and one without her.

After the departure of Johnny Depp, at Disney they decided that the reboot of the story should be carried out by a woman, in this case Margot Robbie, the actress best placed to be the new visible face of the franchise.

In this aspect, Bruckheimer confessed that there are two scripts written for the sixth film, one with Robbie and one without her. The question is, in which she is not, would the possibility of Depp rejoining come in? At this time, the media position of the actor it is favorable facing the public and Disney would not see this option with bad eyes. Of course, Bruckheimer also said that at this time, They don’t have Depp.

Another big barrier: Depp refuses to return

Among the most striking statements that he has given us Johnny Depp during his trial, there was one that was a bucket of cold water for all fans of the legendary and incomparable Captain Jack Sparrow.

In it, the actor confessed that he would not return to the Disney franchise “not even for 300 million dollars”, and that he felt hurt by the mistreatment he had suffered from what was his home for many years, cinematographically speaking.

In short, Disney does not close the door on any option for the future, while Depp has slammed the door in the present. When the trial is over and Depp has some time to clear his head and clear his priorities, who knows, maybe there could be a new change of script in this history.

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