Working with Tom Cruise, according to Top Gun: Maverick’s Jon Hamm and Miles Teller

“When you work with Tom Cruise, you expect the result to exceed expectations, and that was my experience. It was better than I thought it would be.” Miles Teller tells us about his new tape Top Gun: Maverickwhere he plays the son of an important character from the first film that (spoilers) dies after a mission, and now has a complicated relationship with the character for whom the new film is named, played by the Hollywood hero.

Everything with Tom Cruise

“Work with Tom It was amazing,” he continues. teller, co-star of Maverick. “He’s someone everyone can benefit from. I wish anyone could work with Tom Cruise one day and it would motivate you enough. He is a special man and loves to entertain the audience and as an audience we are lucky to have someone who sacrifices so much of his life to do it.” It is certainly so. At almost 60 years old, the man has the same energy as a leading man What rockand in this new tape it really delivers the experience block buster non-Marvel that the world needed. In fact, it is surprising that the last time we saw Maverick Cruise I was 24 years old and it’s been almost 40 years.

“When I saw the first top gun I was in my hometown of Missouri in 1986,” says Jon Hamwho is also part of the cast of Maverick. “I went to the cinema and bought a ticket with my friends and we saw it. And by the time she finished I wanted to see her again, but I had to wait because she didn’t have much money. I had to mow a lot of lawns before I could see her again. For me and my friends, the tape represented what it was to be cool. That meant going to the movies, that meant Tom Cruisethe dark glasses and the smile and the airplanes, and it was all cool and great and incredible, aspirational, and I think this new movie has a chance to be that for a new generation of men and women.”

Miles Teller with Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly.


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