What Jennifer Gray with Johnny Depp begins to go from dark brown

The trial between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard It is one of the topics of the moment. Both face each other in court after the lawsuit by the Pirates of the Caribbean star accusing his ex-wife of defamation as a result of an article published in The Washington Post in 2018, where he collected his experiences as an alleged victim of domestic violence. This is one of the most mediatic cases of recent years, so much so that even Hollywood stars seem to want to take advantage of his pull. Or so it seems to be showing Jennifer Gray.

Jennifer Gray (Cindy Ord/Getty Images) and Johnny Depp (Cliff Owen/Consolidated News Pictures/Getty Images)

Jennifer Gray (Cindy Ord/Getty Images) and Johnny Depp (Cliff Owen/Consolidated News Pictures/Getty Images)

the actress of Dirty Dancing launched the book at the beginning of May out of the corner, a publication that collects his memoirs. In order to promote it, Gray has been showing different fragments and offering various interviews to American media, however, is focusing most of the publicity on a single aspect: the relationship he had with Johnny Depp.

“You have to understand that Johnny Depp, the Johnny Depp of 1989, he was very beautiful, you have never seen someone more beautiful… he is almost inhuman”recently declared to The Drew Barrymore Show, where he addressed the importance of the actor in his life after his breakup with Matthew Broderick.

“I thought it was God who rescued me from a bad situation and lovingly left me in a Johnny Depp souffle,” continued.

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But also relapsed on the subject in another interview for Peoplewhere he again pointed out the importance of Depp in coming out of his relationship with Broderick. “It was kind of hot. It was a fucking bonfire. It was literally like, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I’ve never seen a guy like that.’ being totally, totally compensated for the shit I just went through.

But these statements have not been the only ones in this regard. In fact, even the excerpts that were published from her memoirs, where she showed writings from her old diaries, also revolved around her romance with the actor from Edward Scissorhands. “On August 12, I wrote in my diary: ‘I’m in love, quite confident for the first time in my life… He’s kind, funny, smart, moral, considerate, respectful’”published in excerpts collected by newspapers such as The Independent.

He also detailed problematic parts of Depp’s behavior.which he acknowledges was the cause of their subsequent breakup. “Johnny came and went every week from Vancouver, but he had started to get into trouble more and more regularly: fights in bars, skirmishes with police officers.wrote. “He started missing his flights back to Los Angeles because he overslept or, when he got home, he was crazy with jealousy and paranoid about what he had been doing while he was gone..

And it is that talking about this topic in the midst of all the controversy that surrounds the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard implies that Gray is perfectly aware that his statements are going to generate repercussions, which, without a doubt, would benefit the sales of his book. In fact, she herself also stopped to talk about the court hearing, and although she acknowledges that she is not following it in detail, she points out that she does not recognize the Johnny Depp that she is seeing in court. “from clips or things I’ve come across, I don’t recognize the person”declared for The Tamron Hall Show.

The truth is that the relationship only lasted about nine months in 1989 but it was intense. They met through a blind date and two weeks later, Depp proposed to her. They moved in together and adopted a puppy together, but things quickly fell apart as the actor’s popularity skyrocketed and he didn’t stop working. Gray claims she broke off the engagement shortly before her 29th birthday, leaving a note in her hotel room when he didn’t come back one day. Shortly after, Depp began his relationship with Winona Ryder, which would last four years, from 1989 to 1993.

Of course, Jennifer Gray would have come up with a good promotion strategy, but when there is something as serious as a trial for defamation where issues such as domestic violence come into play, it is impossible to see it with good eyes. And the actress herself should be aware and be more careful when bringing her relationship with Depp to the fore, because, although it was a fundamental part of her love life, right now it is impossible to separate him in her opinion from Amber Heard and to her media repercussion that this is dragging.

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