What exercises does Jennifer Lopez include in her routine to maintain a slim figure?

JLo added some bodybuilding routines to her workouts because she found she was losing muscle mass. We tell you how the singer prevents this problem.

What exercises does Jennifer Lopez include in her routine to maintain a slim figure?

Last update: May 17, 2022

It is difficult to imagine the routine that Jennifer López carries when seeing her figure, especially if we do not have the data of her age. A quick internet search reveals that she is well over 50. But what does she do in the gym?

The belly of the singer always gave to speak for its appearance of hardness. However, the development of muscle mass in his arms, for example, drew more and more attention. Was it something the diva was looking for?

According to her statements in different media, Jennifer López added bodybuilding at some point in her life so that the routine of fitness and working will not affect your muscles. Wisely, JLo is preventing sarcopenia. We explain it to you.

What is sarcopenia and what did Jennifer Lopez notice to change her routine?

I have added bodybuilding to my fitness routine because I noticed that I lost muscle mass when I danced too much.

~ Jennifer Lopez ~

The diva’s job is to dance and sing. This can be part of a busy schedule when there are performances and recitals in the near future.

According to his account, he began to notice that lost muscle mass due to the overexertion of movement. That is, from doing so much pure aerobic exercise, without anaerobic components, their muscles could not replace what they lost. Perhaps some sports medicine professional certified the data.

The truth is that what he refers to JLo It has a technical name: sarcopenia. It is a situation of reduction in muscle mass over time. Therefore, it is something to be expected with aging. But more and more ways are being sought to stop this or slow it down.

And it is that sarcopenia is associated with the following complications:

  • Loss of strength to perform daily activities.
  • Reduction of the metabolic rate in favor of fat accumulation.
  • Reduced oxygen intake to the body with early onset of fatigue.

Definitely, sarcopenia makes you weaker, more tired and with serious possibilities that you will age being more and more dependent. That is, that others have to help you to do many things.

For many reasons, muscles lose mass as we age. In women it becomes more noticeable with menopause.

Why isn’t just doing aerobics enough?

From Jennifer López’s routine to have bodybuilding we can get advice for everyone, which was also ratified by science a long time ago: if you lose muscle mass you have less aerobic capacity. Translated, it is that less oxygen enters your body and you take advantage of it worse, even if you go for a run or ride a bike.

Researchers increasingly support the influence of anaerobic exercises in improving oxygenation. It’s not enough with him running. It’s not enough with him cardio. JLo he knows it and he complemented his training plan with these series that we share with you now.

Jennifer Lopez’s abdominal routine

Gunnar Peterson is in charge of the singer’s abs. His plans are followed by several Hollywood stars. In the basic terms, what he prepared for Jennifer is the following:

  • Bicycle sit-ups: in a lying position, the hands go on the back of the neck and, by flexing the trunk in the classic way for the crunches, the right knee seeks the left elbow. Then vice versa. The speed of execution is key, as long as the appropriate movements of the technique are respected.
  • Inverted Crunches: They are called that because you move your legs and not your torso. You must be lying on your back and the upper limbs are one on each side, extended. So, you raise your lower limbs to form a right angle. Then you repeat as many times as you stipulated.
  • Side bridge: here the complexity of execution rises. You lean on one side of your body, but the floor is only touched by the forearm and the lateral part of the lower limb. You raise and lower the core then do the same on the other side. It requires balance and it is preferable to have mastered other variations of the glute bridge and plank to advance to this level.
  • Plank with suspension and hand on the shoulder: another next level exercise. It is made only for those who have mastered the conventional plank and want to improve themselves. In the traditional position, but supported with the palms of the hands on the floor, it is necessary to remain in suspension and bring the right hand to the left shoulder. Then the same with the other limb.
  • air chops: Finally, this exercise can be static or dynamic. It is about acquiring a position in which the muscles of the core are in tension and their contractility is sustained. The legs are open, standing, while the hands join above the head and go down as if cutting the air to the front. You can hold the pose or raise and lower the upper limbs.
Marking the abdominals is possible with exercise, but yes or yes there must be a reduction in the percentage of fat mass for definition to exist.

Machines and dumbbells also participate

With her other trainer, Jay Cardiello, Jennifer Lopez’s routine complements the abdominals and adds the work of machines and dumbbells. With pulleys she strengthens the back muscles and with some variable weights she concentrates on the biceps and shoulders.

The movements with counterweights and with special attachments are useful to add to the routines that use calisthenics, that is, the body’s own weight. The important thing is to make changes in the executions every 4-6 weeksso that different muscle groups are stimulated.

This is essential if we want to avoid sarcopenia, as JLo. Mechanical stimuli must focus on the diversity that makes up the organism. If we forget any muscle, it will lose mass over time and we could even suffer an imbalance of strength.

But if you don’t have access to a gym and want to follow some tips from the singing diva, then stick to the abs routine we share with you. Be constant.

Remember that the important thing is not to have marked the six packotherwise support healthy muscle for optimal aging. If in addition to this we achieve the physique of Jennifer López, it goes without saying that the routine will be welcome.

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