Welcome to Eden: The series and movies to watch if you liked the series

It is more than clear that welcome to eden it is the series of the moment; even managing to unseat the long-awaited and long-awaited final season of Ozarks (with Alfonso Herrera). The Spanish series, released at the beginning of May, has managed to remain in the top of the most watched series in Netflix, something that, being totally honest, does not surprise us; since its moments of intrigue, suspense and even its small foray into sci-fi, mark it as one of the series with the most disturbing plots.

In fact, welcome to eden It is a story that probably reminds us of other series of the genre. A desert island, a group of people subjected to a type of sect or the constant search of the characters to escape from reality; they are elements that by themselves we can find in several titles. So here we tell you what series and movies you can see if you were fascinated by Welcome to Eden.

Series similar to Welcome to Eden

Nine Perfect Strangers

Nicole Kidman will play Masha in the series ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’.Hulu

We know that in social networks there is currently a discussion about whether the Spanish Netflix series based his script on the production of Amazon Prime Video. The truth is that, whether it is true or not, we can enjoy both. In Nine Perfect Strangersstarring Nicole Kidman and from which a long time ago Samara Weaving he told us why to see it; we find a group of people seeking healing at a wellness complex. Simply, to learn little by little that the methods used by the leader of the complex are ‘unorthodox’.


If we talk about thrillers based around an island, it is imminent to refer to the series that marked the entire generation millennial in terms of the genre and its sci-fi tints. In which, after a plane crashes on a desert island, the survivors must unearth the mysteries of the island, as well as the past of each of the characters. Making this series created by JJ Abramsan must of television in the past decade, and now streaming on Star+.


Yellowjackets. Photo: Courtesy of Showtime / Colin Bentley.

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