Viral cop for resemblance to The Rock; Dwayne Johnson reacts

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Do you think we all have a doppelganger somewhere in the world? Although perhaps he did not take it into account, the fighter and actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as rockfound his living portrait, as if he were his twin, in Alabama, United States. The discovery began thanks to users of social networks, thus making even the famous realize the eexistence of his double and will send him a message.

It was on August 20, when the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama, United States, shared an image in which the policeman appeared Eric Fields, 37 years old, who is extremely similar to TheRock.

According to what was revealed by local media, a man wanted to meet cop Eric Fields and pose with him due to his strong resemblance to Dwayne Johnson.

It all started after a sergeant told a man that he had the living portrait of The Rock as a partner. However, he did not count So he would ask to see him and take a picture with him, since he was a fan of the fighter and actor.

From this story, the images of the policeman Eric Fields became viral. With comments that reiterated his great resemblance to Dwayne Johnson, the content reached the action movie actor.

hallucinated, Dwayne Johnson reacted to his double. He assured that the policeman is much cooler than him and that he hopes that soon they will drink a tequila together:

“Wow. The guy on the left is much cooler. Stay safe, brother, and thank you for your service. One day we will drink tequila and I need to hear all your “Rock stories” because I know you have them.Johnson said.

For his part, Eric Fields indicated that it is a constant that they confuse him with The Rock, but that the only thing is to continue being him. He though he likes that people feel happy when they see him.


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