tonight on TV 17 May on Canale5 – Corriere dell’Umbria

Tonight on TV – Tuesday 17 May 2022 – the film is broadcast on Canale5 The Wall Street girls (9.40 pm). This is the true story of a lap dance group turned robbers. The film is American, it was shot in 2019, directed by Lorenzo Scafaria and the cast is there Jennifer Lopez. With her also Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B and Julia Stiles.

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The movie she follows the formation of the gang starting from the entrance in the most popular strip club on Wall Street in Destiny, which soon becomes the protégé of the “diva” Ramona. Destiny, a young and handsome stripper, works in a New York club, the Moves, to help her grandmother financially. Here she meets Ramona, very popular and sensual, and she becomes her protégé. Together the two girls are very successful with their clients, mostly Wall Street businessmen. But, in 2008, the economic crisis hits the Big Apple and things start to change. Thus the two dancers begin to have little income, in the meantime Destiny becomes pregnant with her first daughter, Lily. Unable to find another job, Destiny returns to work in the club she left during her pregnancy, but the money is scarce and the place has changed. To earn, in fact, the strippers are forced to have sex with customers. But Ramona has other plans for them: together with two other girls, Mercedes and Annabelle, in fact, they implement a new scheme. Ramona spots wealthier men in other bars, drugs them, and leads them to Moves, where the girls steal credit cards, cash and valuables.

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For her role, Jennifer Lopez was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes 2020 and at the Sag Awards 2020. All the actresses / lapdancers had to train very hard, also learning to dance in high heels. In particular, Jennifer Lopez always carried a detachable pole with her, to train in all the moments she had available.

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