Today’s ephemeris: what happened on May 17 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the ephemeris of May 17 These events that occurred on a day like today in Argentina and the world stand out:

1863. It is published in Vigo Galician songs, a book of poems by a 26-year-old writer, born in Santiago de Compostela. All the poems are written in the Galician language. The author of it is called Rosalia de Castro, who will live until 1885, when at the age of 48 he dies of cancer in the town of Padrón. The influence of Galician songs makes May 17 the Day of Galician Letters and a holiday throughout Galicia.

1866. French composer Erik Satie is born. He dabbled in impressionism and minimalism. He left a hundred works. His production for piano stands out, including the Bureaucratic Sonatinathe gnossians and three Gymnopedies. Before his death, in 1925, he published his memoirs under the unsurpassed title: Memoirs of an amnesiac.

1936. The actor and director is born Dennis Hopper. He began his career as a young man and was seen in two of the three James Dean movies: rebel without a cause Y Giant. She later appeared in Kathy Elder’s children Y The Legend of the Untamed. In 1969 she wrote, directed, and starred (alongside Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson) in one of the major counterculture films of the 1960s: Easy Riderknown in Spanish as I look for my destiny. He was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay for that film. In 1986 he aspired to the Oscar as supporting actor for hossiers. That same year he was the villain of blue velvet. In 1994 he was seen in the box office hit Maximum speed. He was also a photographer. He passed away in 2010.

1953. Luca Prodan born in Rome. He studied in Scotland, before arriving in Argentina, where he trained Sumo. With that band he renewed the Argentine rock scene in the 80s. He died of cardiac arrest, as a result of liver cirrhosis, on December 22, 1987. He was buried in the Avellaneda cemetery.

1980. Enters to scene luminous path in Peru. The Maoist guerrilla appears in society on the eve of the elections that return democracy to the country after twelve years of military dictatorship. Peruvians consecrate Fernando Belaúnde Terry as president on May 18; The day before, a group of Shining Path members burned ballot boxes and ballot papers in the town of Chuschi. Its members are arrested and you can vote normally. However, it is the beginning of the insurgency, which will lead to years of violence. Sendero Luminoso will come to control large rural areas. Their action generates state violence against peasants. The group was dismantled as of 1992, when its leader, Abimael Guzmán, was captured.

1990. The World Health Organization removes the homosexuality of his list of psychiatric ailments. In this way, the body stops considering gays sick, something stipulated since its creation in 1948. Gone and in the repudiation are the use of hormonal therapies and electroshocks to try to “cure” homosexuals. The date is remembered every year as the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

2009. The Uruguayan writer dies in Montevideo Mario Benedetti. She was 88 years old. He was born in Paso de los Toros in 1920. Author of storybooks such as Montevideonspublished, among other novels, Truce Y thanks for the fire (both made into films by Sergio Renán). His extensive poetic work includes the three volumes of Inventory, burn the ships, The house and the brick, haiku corner Y Self-defense. Joan Manuel Serrat set his poems to music in The south also exists. She received the Reina Sofía Prize for Ibero-American Poetry in 1999.

2013. Jorge Rafael Videla He died at the age of 87 in the Marcos Paz prison, where he was serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity committed during the dictatorship he led. Born in Mercedes in 1925, he became head of the Army in 1975. On March 24, 1976, he led the military coup against Isabel Perón. His regime perpetrated massive human rights violations. He left power in 1981. Prosecuted by decree 158 of Raúl Alfonsín, he sat on the bench of the accused in the historic trial of the Juntas held in 1985. The Justice sentenced him to life and Carlos Menem pardoned him in 1990. Despite Eight years later, he was arrested for stealing babies. The pardons were later rescinded. He went to a common prison with the conviction received in 2010 for crimes committed in Córdoba, to which another conviction for theft of babies was added in 2012.

Furthermore, it is the Navy Day; the world hypertension day; and the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day.

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