Thor Love and Thunder: They reveal a photo of the goddess Bast that shows the relationship between Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Panther

Lor we have seen him fall to earth, make mistakes, lose his power, recover it, fall in love, cry for his mother, his father, and even his brother (twice)we have seen him cheat, fight, lose, get fat and we will see him get in shape… but let us not forget that within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is still a god (or what we people of Midgard, the humble earth, consider a god). And given the plot of Thor: Love and Thunderit is obvious that more gods will appear. Bastfor example.

Who is Bast, the goddess who will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Yes, José Luis, we already know that you have your degree in Anthropology and that you know that Bast is another name for Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of protection, love and harmony. But within the Marvel Comics universe, she is also the main goddess of the pantheon. Wakandan.

According to the legends of this, when the five tribes fought for control of Wakanda, the first king of Wakanda -and first Black Panther in form-, Bashengareceived a message from Bast herself that led him to the Herb of the Heartthe origin of the power of Black Panther. In this same mythology, when a person dies, his soul is carried by Bast and Sekhmet to a mythical valley where you can run freely and in peace for all eternity.


Bast is a recurring character within the Black Panther comics.Marvel Comics.

Why does Bast appear in Thor: Love and Thunder?

As we could see in the first (and surprising) trailer of the film, the Asgardian gods are not the only ones that exist within the MCU mythology. We were able to see lightning strike in the hands of a character who is clearly Zeusand we also saw the corpse of fail, god of the galactic frontier. The main villain of the movie is Gorr, “the Butcher of the Gods” and it is very likely that this film is precisely about the villain massacring the deities of different pantheons one by one, so the appearance of the Wakandan goddess (which has been mentioned) it was somewhat obvious.


Which actor will this mysterious Zeus be?Marvel Studios.

Who will play Bast in Thor: Love and Thunder?

The role was given to Akosia Sabetwhom until now we have seen mainly in television series such as ‘Clickbait’ and ‘Winchester’, and with this character he will make his debut in the UCM. It wasn’t a secret, but if it was some information that the fans had left out (perhaps looking more Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor).

Just how much of a role Bast will have in the film hasn’t been revealed, but at least in the comics he is a recurring character in the Wakandan adventures. What do you think? Let the theories begin!

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