the reason why Johnny Depp does not look at Amber Heard

After a week of suspension, this Monday the trial for defamation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, where the actress finished her testimony, and Johnny’s defense began questioning her.

The intervention between Heard and one of Deep’s lawyers was heated from start to finish, from the moment the young lawyer highlighted a fact that none of the viewers has gone unnoticed: Johnny has not looked at Amber throughout the trial .

“Miss Heard, have you noticed that Johnny Depp Haven’t you looked him in the face during the whole trial?” Camille Vásquez, the actor’s lawyer, asked Amber Heard. “He won’t look at you, will he?” the lawyer continued.

“You can’t,” Heard replied. “Mr. Depp hasn’t looked at you once during this trial?” Vasquez continued.

“Not that I’ve noticed,” Heard said.

“You know why he doesn’t look at you,” said the lawyer. “He told you that you would never see her eyes again.”

Depp, 58, has spent part of the trial drawing or writing in his notebook, this since Amber took the stand two weeks ago to give her testimony.

The actor is suing the 36-year-old actress for defamation, claiming Heard’s domestic abuse allegations are untrue.

When Depp’s lawyer asked Heard if she wasn’t the one who abused her ex, Heard replied, “I could never hurt Johnny.”

The trial that ended this Monday at almost six in the afternoon, and which lasted almost 10 hours, will continue tomorrow, Tuesday, in the Faifax Virginia courtroom, and is expected to end next week.

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