The incredible coincidence that links Jennifer Lopez with Whitney Houston

Jennifer López continues to be news for her talent, originality and music that infects all her fans, but an impressive coincidence with the unforgettable Whitney Houston left her fans stunned. Keep reading…

Jennifer Lopez is in the trends of the moment, not only on the professional side between movies, concerts and news, but also on his personal side in relation to the commitment to Ben Affleck It is a detail that does not stop being on everyone’s lips.

In the same way, although his life is closely linked to Selena Quintanilla whose biographical film catapulted her to fame, an incredible coincidence with the singer is aired on social networks Whitney Houston, from the least thought detail that left everyone in shock.

Both stars undoubtedly have something in common in music, but what was also confirmed was a particular brand of car where they unexpectedly coincide and that reflects their taste for comfortable, practical and highly efficient personal transportation behind the wheel.

Regarding Jennifer López, she conducted the Porsche 911 GTS latest model red color valued at 140,000 dollars, which offers a maximum speed of 318km/h, 480 hp and 570 Nm plus efficient, sporty and sophisticated operation, a gift that he thoroughly enjoyed and although he returned it to Alex Rodríguez after ending their relationship, It was the only vehicle where she made her debut as a driver after 25 years without driving.

On the other hand, Whitney Houston was traveling in the Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible in white, offering a 5-speed transmission, displacement: 3600 cm3 / 220.2 cui, power 184 kW / 247 hp with a maximum speed of 260 km/h, easy to maneuver and ideal for the unforgettable star of all time.

+ Look at the photos where they coincide in driving under the same car brand:

Jennifer Lopez’s Porsche

Whitney Houston’s Porsche

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