Robert Downey Jr. would be the next great signing of Star Wars

Robert Downey Jr.known for playing Hombre de Hierro in it Marvel Cinematic Universecould be one of the biggest bets to star in a future production of starwars.

Although most people believed that after the Episode IX from starwars, Disney had taken it upon himself to assassinate the franchise with a movie that seemed to have been written with scenes and plots drawn randomly from Chinese fortune cookies, the series of Disney+, The Mandalorianhas given an unexpected new life to the franchise.

In general, the service streaming from Disney has achieved unparalleled success and it seems that the future will be promising, as many original productions await fans, such as WandaVision that will be released very soon with two episodes.

Now, several sources point out that Robert Downey Jr. will make a debut as a high-ranking character in one of the new series of starwarsmainly placing him as the main villain of the series Star Wars Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

In fact, the actress Rosario Dawsonwho plays Ahsoka Tanomentioned that the military leader in his appearance in The Mandalorianin addition to the character’s own show called “Ahsoka”.

As rumors began to spread, the universe of Star Wars fans in Twitter They went crazy and even created designs of the actor from Hombre de Hierro like this villain from a distant galaxy.

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We could hope that this rumor materializes since John Favreauone of those in charge of this new universe of starwarswas also director of the films of Hombre de Hierro and participated as the character Happythe person in charge of security Tony Stark in it MCUso it is not crazy to say that he is a great friend of Downey Jr. after working more than ten years together.

In other universe news starwarsit has been announced that the new film will be at the hands of the screenwriter of Loki.

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