Raúl Jiménez would return to Spanish football

The 2021-2022 season could be the last of Raul Jimenez on the premier leaguebecause the Mexican striker would leave the wolves to return to soccer in Spain, where at the time he already played with Atletico Madrid.

The campaign in which Jimenez reappeared after the blow that left him off the courts for several months, it has not been entirely good. That is why, according to various media in Englandthe wolves would agree to sell the Mexican striker.

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Raúl Jiménez would return to Spain

According to TalkSport, the future of Raul Jimenez is out of the wolves. The English club is willing to sell the Mexican forward, after a campaign in which he has only scored six goals and has clearly had a hard time being in rhythm.

The same source points out that wolves they recognize the effort that the striker has made to recover, but in the end it has not reached him. It is even mentioned that they are willing to lower the cost of Raul up to 15 million pounds, a far cry from the figure of 33 that they paid to the benfica to sign it.

Raul Jimenez with Wolves


That is why Raul Jimenez could go back to espyear, because there are certain clubs interested in the Mexican, who would live his revenge after what happened in the Atletico Madrid, where he had very few opportunities. The rojiblanco club was in charge of taking it to Europe after passing through the America on the BBVA MX League and at the explicit request of Diego Simeon.

The name of the Spanish club that could sign Raul Jimenez but what seems to be a fact is that his time in the premier league could end, the same time the season ends for the Wolves.

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