Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez’s ex is getting married for the fourth time! Photo and video

The musician has revealed his engagement to Miss Universe Paraguay Nadia Ferreira, who is just 23 years old. And with the announcement, the super ring could not be missing …

Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez’s ex, continues to collect wives. He asked the hand of Nadia Ferreira, model from Paraguay, 30 years younger, who will become the fourth Mrs. Anthony – photo | video

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SOCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – The news could only come via Instagram. Ferreira, former Miss Universe Paraguay, has published the photo of the ring, with a giant diamond, announcing her engagement with the 53-year-old musician, whom she has been dating since the beginning of the year. Only three months ago the couple decided to show themselves to the public by making their relationship official (again via social media). But few expected Anthony to throw himself into another marriage. Instead, he wasted no time.

Raffaella Modugno, Marc Anthony and I really love each other – look

PARTY IN MIAMI – The surprise came during the model’s 23rd birthday party at Miami’s Sexy Fish restaurant. After a dinner of suchi, oysters and caviar, surrounded by close friends, the two revealed that the party had also been organized to celebrate the engagement. The wedding date has not yet been revealed but it looks like there won’t be long to wait. Maybe they will be at the same time (or almost) to those of Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck.

Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima, secret marriage – look

THERE IS NO THREE WITHOUT FOUR – It seems that Anthony has a soft spot for misses (and for beautiful women). His first wife was former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, impaled in 2000, with whom he has two children, Cristian and Ryan. The two divorced in 2004. In the same year, the musician began dating Jennifer Lopez, marrying her a few months later. The couple had twins Max and Emme before they separated in 2011. The two remain on friendly terms for the sake of the twins. In November 2014 Anthony married model Shannon De Lima for the third time but their union lasted only two years. Before meeting Ferreira he had also been linked to the Brazilian model Madu Nicola. In 2017 he had an affair with the Italian showgirl Raffaella Modugno.

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