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The city council of Mérida follows up on the issues that affect the physical, emotional and mental health of the municipality, hand in hand with specialists in the field and civil society we will develop strategies and programs that allow us to keep our community healthy and in harmony assured the Mayor, Renán Barrera Concha.

Barrera Concha recalled that the city council of Mérida installed the Municipal Health Council 2021-2024 on February 16, with the aim of caring for the physical, emotional and mental health of the inhabitants of the municipality with the application of solidarity strategies to advance the disease prevention and mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

“From the municipal administration we know that health is a responsibility that corresponds to citizens and authorities alike, for this reason this body will allow us to propose and apply strategies focused on preventing diseases by promoting self-care,” he said.

The municipal president highlighted that in the Municipal Health Council 2021-2024, health professionals, academics and municipal authorities were divided into commissions to focus on recommending specific strategies to promote health care among meridanos.

He explained that the main objective of the Municipal Health Council is to monitor and propose policies, programs and actions so that, together with this municipal authority, they allow the objectives and goals set in the matter to be successfully achieved.

“These councils in which citizens participate, especially this one on health, aim to join efforts and prevent the advancement of mental illnesses among Meridans, therefore, academic, organized civil society and government bodies met to integrate the Mental Health Commission of the Municipal Health Council”, he said.

The director of Health, Dr. Ildefonso Machado Domínguez, pointed out that in the first working session, a recount was made of the actions in the city in favor of Mental Health and the tools available to achieve greater scope in the prevention of these diseases that reduce the quality of life of those who suffer from them and their families.

He indicated that the Council promotes healthy psychological development in citizens, through services aimed at promoting mental health and prevention of risk situations and psychological intervention in problems of a personal, family and social nature, in order to strengthen the common benefit.

During the day, the creation of the Municipal Mental Health Network was proposed, in which all the councilors belonging to this Commission will work in an inter-institutional manner.

They also raised different issues related to Mental Health, especially suicide prevention. Each councilor exposed the actions that he promotes from his trench to achieve the reduction of cases; In the end, a joint project was proposed and agreed that, with the sum of efforts, achieves a greater impact.

They spoke of the positive result achieved with the protocol for the detection, care and channeling of patients in a critical mental situation, called Suicide Prevention, which involves all Health instances and in Mérida has 189 successful activations.

Finally, with everything raised, it was defined to work as a Mental Health Commission in four areas of action: promotion, prevention, care and research, so that in this organized way, the benefit would be greater and more effective for mental health.

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Edition: Estefania Cardeña

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