Justin Bieber, on the Ferrari blacklist; he will not be able to buy new cars of the Italian brand

The singer Justin Bieber is prohibited from buying new ferrari cars. The luxury carmaker announced that the 28-year-old Canadian has been indefinitely banned from doing any kind of business with the company. The list of people banned by the Italian brand includes other famous names such as the actor Nicolas Cagethe model and entrepreneur kim kardashian and the rapper 50Cent.

According to Ferrari, the pop star violated codes of conduct as a buyer of the legendary car brand. In 2016, customized his 458 Italia at the famous Western Coast Customs vehicle cutting shop. At the time, the car was painted blue, got a powerful sound system, and had part of the exterior changed with a Liberty Walk body kit. Also in 2016, the singer was arrested for driving that Ferrari without a license.

According to a regulation Issued to buyers, Ferrari only allows visual changes to its brand vehicles if they are done by companies licensed by the brand itself. Justin Bieber not only ignored the recommendations of the brand, but he made sure to show that this blue car it was just another vehicle in his garage, which boasts a collection of Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Rolls-Royces.

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At that time, the singer parked the 458 Italia near a nightclub and hotel in Beverly Hills, United States, and left the car there for two weeks. The fact was denounced, of course, and ferrariOnce again, he noticed the young man’s behavior.

In 2017, Justin Bieber went further. Not satisfied with the controversy surrounding the vehicle, he decided to auction off the 458 Italia. With the sale of the “mighty”, he earned US $434,000. He simply forgot (or not) that the principles established by Ferrari do not allow such negotiations.

Nicolas Cage, an antecedent

Nicolas Cage was “banned” by Ferrari due to behavior similar to that of Justin Bieber. Between the 1980s and 1990s, the actor spent some of his fortune on an extensive car collection, including buying a million-dollar Ferrari Enzo in 2003.

In 2009, faced with serious economic problems, was forced to sell all his properties and cars. At that time, all of his award-winning Ferraris had to be auctioned off. Ferrari later banned the actor from buying new cars.

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