his daughter Vivienne reappears in jeans and surprises with her transformation at 13

Vivienne Jolie Pitt, the daughter of Angelina Jolie, she has grown up to be a stylish teenager.

to their 13 years, The young woman enchants with each of her modern and comfortable looks, with which she gives style classes and sets trends.

Jeans, shorts, and jogger pants They are some of the young woman’s favorite clothes, and that she uses to go out with her mother and brothers.

However, recently Vivienne reappeared with her brother Knox, and surprised how big and beautiful she is, shocking fans.

Angelina Jolie’s daughter surprises with how much she has grown

vivienne was captured during a walk with his brother in Los Angeles and she looked very big and beautiful wearing some Two-tone wide leg jeans.

This garment was combined with a gray sweater, and complemented with white sneakers, imposing trends with a modern and comfortable look.

Now Vivienne has longer hair, and she wore her hair in a high ponytail, leaving the fringe long, and showing that she looks much more like her mother, the famous actress.

“OMG this girl is beautiful”, “I can’t believe how much Vivienne has grown”, “wow she is no longer a girl, she is a teenager now, I love her style”, “she is identical to her mother”, “OMG she had a long time without seeing her, or she grew up too fast”, and “too pretty Vivienne”, were some of the reactions in networks.

Fans have always claimed that Vivienne is more like her mother than her father, and now that she has grown up and is a full-fledged teenager, they are more convinced that this is the case.

On some occasions Vivienne has followedor the androgynous style of her older sister, Shiloh, but in recent years we have seen her more chic and feminine side, and in fact, last year she surprised in a white dress and sneakers on the red carpet with her mother.

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