Gerardo Seaone, DT of Bayer Leverkusen, considers that the Mexican player lacks “physical power”

Gerardo Seaone was questioned about the reasons why the Mexican player is not so sought after in Europe

The coach of Bayer Leverkusen, Gerardo Seaonconsidered that “physical power” is one of the aspects that distance Mexican players from the European leagues, prior to the match against Tolucain the stadium Nemesio Diez.

“It is difficult for me to assess, general statements cannot be made. The Mexican player is very technical, maybe not very physically powerful and the German League is very competitive, with a lot of physical power, maybe that could be a reason”, he commented. Gerardo Seasonecoach of Bayer Leverkusenbefore the match against Toluca.

Gerardo Seasonewho had experience in football Swissacknowledged that he will take advantage of the game against Tolucato observe the players of the Red Devils and consider a transfer, in addition to adding that there is a Mexican player that he would like for his team.

“Our scouts are in the task of taking players, it is a good opportunity to see the level, the coexistence is not easy, I cannot say what the next steps are for our sports management,” Seasone commented. “We talked a while before, I think the work of young people, to be able to take players to the big leagues, we look a lot at players from abroad, many South Americans, it is a very popular market, we like players with an offensive profile, there is a Mexican who plays for Spain and we would like to see him in our ranks.”

Regarding the lack of physical power of the Mexicans, Seasone added that he was not only referring to the strength, but also to the speed and condition of each player.

“In Europe, football is much more physical, it can be speed, constitution, but we don’t only have players of that size. We look at individual quality, technique, overflow, we are not a club that only looks for physicality, we play at a very high pace, we have the patience to make players grow”.

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