Fortnite will have an Unreal publisher with a business model similar to Roblox

Tim Sweeney revealed the next big thing for Fortnite. The game will have an Unreal editor in which creators will be able to monetize.

Since its launch as a battle royale, Fortnite has grown a lot. Now, the next step in this great game is the creation of content, specifically from Unreal, the graphic engine of Epic Games. That’s right, Fortnite will now have an Unreal editor where players can create games and monetize with them just like in Roblox.

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During an interview with Fast Company, Tim Sweney, director of Epic Games, revealed the plan that Epic Games has for Fortnite. According to Sweeney, the company’s goal is to launch an Unreal editor in Fortnite by the end of the year, which would make it a platform for creators to unleash their talent and monetize it. Although the director did not give details, he did clarify that he wants to make a transition to a Roblox-type platform, a game that has made millions of dollars in the industry.

According to Sweeney, the Unreal editor in Fortnite will start an entire marketplace ecosystem where creators will have the ability to sell all of their works.

It should be noted that the director of Epic Games stressed that his company will give quality creations an opportunity on this new platform. “Our goal is to make it a world-class point of sale to reach consumers, just like the mobile app stores, consoles and Steam as ways to reach users,” he stressed.

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What do you think? Do you think Fortnite has the potential to become a monster like Roblox? Would you like to start creating games with an Unreal editor? There is no doubt that the possibilities would be endless.

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