Did Aka7even copy a Justin Bieber song? / The accusation rained down on social media …

Aka7even accused of plagiarism: “He copied a song by Justin Bieber …”

Aka7even was accused of plagiarism. Luca was one of the protagonists of the last edition of Amici and the talent represented an important springboard for him. He has climbed the music charts and a few months ago he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song Perfetta as well. Just a few days ago Aka7even released the new single Come la prima volta, a song that will be part of his new album. The young singer-songwriter from Campania took part not only in the production of the song, but also in the recording of the instruments in the studio, once again underlining his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and the long training in music theory behind him. The artist will also leave for his first tour.

In the past few hours, however, Aka7even’s enthusiasm has been dampened by a controversy. Some users on social media have accused Aka7even of having copied a song by Justin Bieber. The first verse of How the first time would remember the piece Stay the well-known piece of The Kid Laroi in collaboration with Bieber. Both pieces have been compared and in fact, especially in the chorus part, the songs seem to be similar. And to think that during an interview with Optimagazine some time ago Aka7even himself had confided that one of his dreams would be to duet with Justin Bieber. Aka7even, however, does not seem to have only been inspired by him but the accusations that overwhelmed him speak of plagiarism.

Aka7even returns to concert: “I feel like it’s the first time …”

Aka7even recently presented the new single Come the first time. The singer is happy to be able to return to perform live and in an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni he revealed: “I feel like it’s the first time, but it’s actually a first time that’s always different from the other. Each concert is different. The determination and the desire to go on stage are the same, but it is the emotions and the mood that change. And, of course, the experience changes too! […] It is important not to lose enthusiasm, it is important to remember where we come from, what our goals are. When you know where you were born, you know your roots, everything is always like the first time. And then I have to admit that having the chance to do this job really made me the happiest person in the world. When I know that I have to do a concert and, maybe, I have already done twenty, for me it is always as if it were the first! And this is important and I hope it will last forever, because it means that my passion for music has always remained the same “.

Aka7even is particularly attached to his family which represents a safe haven. In this regard, he stated: “If I think of a more intimate moment, however, it is when I find myself in Naples with my family. Since we live far away, every time I come home for me it means reliving a bit of a mix of emotions and, among these, certainly the exit from “Amici”. It’s always exciting to see each other again and then there are endless hugs and long conversations. […] The tour will be crazy, very particular, in an American style, with dancers, bands and I anticipate that I will also dance and play different instruments, each piece will be totally rearranged from the original! More than a concert…. it will be a 360 degree show! “.


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