Chris Rock jokes about Johnny Depp’s trial

the mediatic defamation trial between the actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to be on everyone’s lips with each passing day. Comedian Chris Rock (whom you’ll remember recently for getting slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars) has also commented on the subject in his latest stand-up in London.

“What’s going on here?”

Rock made a series of comments in relation to one of the incidents that have been dealt with in the trial regarding the relationship between Depp and Heard: according to Starling Jenkins III, the actor’s chauffeur and bodyguard, the actress boasted that she had left him a “surprise” Depp in his bed after a fight in 2016, calling the altercation “a horrible prank gone wrong.”

Depp stated that the situation was “so strange and grotesque that I could only laugh” and Heard said the stool was to blame on Depp’s two Yorkshires. On this incident, Rock has commented: “I believe all women… except Amber Heard”.

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“He shit on his bed. Once you shit on someone’s bed, you’re guilty of everything.… What the hell is happening here? Wow. And after that they continued their relationship. She must have an amazing pussy. I’ve been with some crazy bitches but damn” she continued.

“Everyone’s a victim these days,” Rock reflected. “There are real victims in the world who deserve to be heard and they deserve our love and compassion. But if everyone claims to be a victim no one is going to listen to the real ones. We say that the world is addicted to opiates but no. The quintessential addiction in the world is attention.”

The statements have caused great controversy. At the moment, the defamation trial between the two actors continues.

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