Chivas and Pachuca end the dominance of the royal teams in finals

Chivas and Pachuca meet again in a Liga MX Femenil final five years later, when they inaugurated the women’s tournament in Mexico

The final of the Closing Tournament 2022 of the Women’s MX League. The Chivas from Guadalajara will face Pachuca in what will be the reissue of the first final in the history of women’s soccer in Mexico.

Guadalajara advanced to Tigres for a better position in the table, after tying the overall score at two goals; while, Pachuca lost the second leg 2-1, but won 3-2 on aggregate.

The team of Guadalajara knew how to come from behind on the scoreboard after the defeat in the first leg semifinal against tigers in the volcano The box led by John Alfaro He took advantage of the locality and gave his fans a joy by getting the pass to the grand final by tying on aggregate and eliminating the ‘Amazonas’ due to their position in the general table.

The red and white squad ended the streak of seven consecutive finals of tigers placing himself in the last instance of Liguilla. The only time the royals failed to make it to the biggest game of the season was in the first tournament of the season. Women’s MX Leaguewhen the ‘Amazonas’ fell in the semifinals against Pachuca.

After several attempts, the reaction of the Chivas started at minute 43, when coming from a free kick, Carol Bernal He finished off with a header to make the first goal of the night and give life to his team. Given the lack of reaction tigers for the defensive control of the premises, Kinberly Guzman He sealed the pass by scoring the second goal at 86′ of the running time, which represented the equalizer on the global scoreboard and obtaining the ticket to experience the third final of the Guadalajara club in the Women’s MX League.

Thus, for the first time in four years, tigers will be out of the most important game of the season and misses the opportunity to lift the fifth title in its history. While Guadalajara will seek to repeat the feat of 2017 and raise the trophy that accredits them as champions of Mexican soccer.

On the other hand, gophers They left out the current champions of the pink circuit in a vibrant meeting in which the scratched they won at home, but not with the necessary score to reach their sixth final. Despite the pupils’ attempts to Eve Mirror for validating the general leadership and fighting for the bi-championship, Pachuca reacted almost immediately after the penalty scored by Rebecca Bernal Y Viridiana Salazar was in charge of finishing the scoreboard with a flattering overall for the visitors.

With such results, Chivas Y Pachuca rewrite history in Women’s MX League and put an end to the four years of Monterrey’s hegemony, giving way to reliving the first final in history and with the illusion of raising the second title for Guadalajara, or else, that Charlyn Corral and company open the window for the first time in the Women’s MX League for the team led by Juan Carlos Cacho.

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