Cannes, Tik Tok, controversy and tropical heat

One of the Cannes Festival rooms at the Palais du Festival.

Cannes Film Festival will be held from this Tuesday May 17 at the Palais du Festival in Cannes, France.
This Tuesday will be the opening of the 75 Cannes Film Festival. But this Monday, the Palais du Festival was abuzz with still many meters of unplaced carpets on the floors of the Marché du Films, endless lines for accreditation and press rooms without the usual computers from which the good news is transmitted to the world. of the cinema

The city begins to live. Because Cannes without the festival and other events it hosts, is a dead city.

There is heat, and even the sun stings. People have gone to the Croisette beach, and from the back of the pavilions, including the Dominican Republic, teenagers take a swim from one of the piers that overlook the bay, unusually bare of yachts.

The pandemic and the war in Russia have cost the most important festival in the world and the city chosen after the war to hoist a different cinema than the one that emblazoned Venice with the ideology of Hitler and Mussolini.

Among the colorful things that are about to happen is the presence of some of the ten most prominent tiktokers in the world, probably as part of a campaign entitled “This is not cinema, this is tik tok”, wanting to emulate the seventh art.

Among the events that occurred this Monday before the festival, in the midst of the fervor of the arrivals that begin to fill the streets with pedestrians and the cafes and bars, and the restaurants come to life, is a controversy caused by an alleged censorship by the team of the Film Festival press to an interview with Thierry Fremaux by a Deadlines journalist, in which he asked him some uncomfortable questions and they were answered by the general delegate of the festival as what he is, a man of culture. However, Deadline has preferred not to publish it because it has been contaminated.

One of the questions had to do with the possibility of Roman Polanski returning to the festival, to which -always according to Deadline- Fremaux would have said that the laws in France have not changed. However, this response had been nuanced after looking for the politically correct.

In short, the controversy is served and has to do with censorship and approval of copies of the interviews conducted, etc. And that in a cultural event is not well seen. And much less in a man of culture as rigorous, as democratic and solid as that of Thierry Fremaux. It seems that the culture of cancellation slightly touches the mirror where the Festival is seen, which knew how to suspend itself in the historic May 68, when people were thrown into the street, demanding freedoms, which incredibly could be being violated in some way now.

Entrance to the Palais du Festival, even without the red carpet. The stairs are from the residents of Cannes, who are part of the tradition of welcoming the stars.

cinema that sounds

Among the films that sound good so far is Armageddon Time, by James Gray, one of the directors loved by these sides. That he returns with his most personal work. It is a coming-of-age story set in Queens, New York, at the height of the Reagan years, starring Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway.

Another one of interest is Zhena Chaikovskogo (Tchaikovsky’s Wife), by Kiril Serebrennikov, who had to flee to reside in France after continuing to play and play with Putin’s monkey chain.

South Korean Park Chan-wook, after shaking with his trilogy in “Vengeance”, glorified the erotic thriller with The Handmaiden (2016). He now returns with Decision to Leave, a film where a man falls to his death from the top of a mountain, and the detective who leads the investigation is attracted to the victim’s widow, whose apparent detachment makes her a suspect.

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