basic tools to start playing


Basic tools

The first thing you need to do is collect 4 blocks of any type of wood, This is achieved by hitting the trees, to make a Workbench. By having it you can place it wherever you want and open your menu.

Doing so will display a box with nine spaceswhich are for making shapes and creating the basic objects that will be needed. Different materials can be used and their durability will depend on these.



You will need three blocks of wood and two sticks. This tool will help you to chop all minerals and other types of blocks.

In the box you must place them as follows: the three wooden blocks in the first three lines of the box and the two sticks down in the middle box.



It will require three wooden blocks and two sticks to mine all ores and other types of block.

For its construction, you will have to place them in the following way: two wooden blocks in the first line. In the second, a block of wood and a stick. And in the third, in the middle box, a stick.



You should have a block of wood and two sticks. This tool is effective on dirt, sand, gravel, clay, and snow.

In the squares, you must place the wooden block in the first line, in the center square. The sticks should be below in the center.

Once you have the basic tools to obtain minerals, you must create a space where you can rest.



You will need 8 wooden blocks. You will need to place the blocks all around the outline of the square, leaving a hole in the center. This has a capacity to store 27 objects.



You should get three blocks of wood and three blocks of wool. The wool will be obtained by killing sheep. In the box you must place all the wool in the second row and all the wood in the third.

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