Young Thug arrested: it could be his artistic end

On May 9, the eccentric rapper from Atlanta, Young Thugwas arrested on charges of gang involvement and violation of the organized crime law.

If the accusation reaches the final sentence, as some forecasts suggest, this could sanction the artistic end of the rapper.

Young Thug arrested: the accusations

Young Thug is definitely not having a good time lately. Following the release of his latest album Punklast year, he had started 2022 in a lucky way, riding hand in hand with the success of his partner Gunna with the trend of Pushin ‘P.

Now the wind is definitely worse for the trapper than Go Crazybeing accused of conspiracy to violate the RICOa well-known US federal law created to combat organized crime, complete with other charges that include direct participation in street gang activities (YSL), and possession of firearms. His artistic brother, Gunna, is also among the 27 people involved in the allegations, and has been arrested. However, the charges against Gunna are fewer than those against Young Thug, who according to investigations was at the top of the criminal organization YSLthe gang from which the YSL Recordsthe rapper’s record label that has included rappers like Lil Baby And NBA YoungBoy. The prosecution claims that Thug is one of the founders of the gang, born in Atlanta in 2012, and affiliated with the famous criminal gang of Bloods.

The criminal activities of the YSL would include murder, armed robbery, intimidation of witnesses, car theft and drug dealing. In other words, there are enough indictments to end the rapper’s career forever, and the fact that the investigations are thorough enough to have led law enforcement to act in such a way does not indicate a favorable position at all. for the rapper.

The curious death of Lil Keed

Among the most prominent artists of the YSL there was certainly Lil Keedwho in his projects boasted collaborations with Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Future, Quavo and many others. Curiously, he was found dead on May 13 at the age of 24, four days after the YSL arrests were made. The causes of his death have not been made public.

The unfortunate event, so close to arrests, seems anything but an unfortunate coincidence, and suggests an earthquake for the record label that goes beyond judicial charges.

Young Thug’s imagery

Let’s face it, feel the redundancy of stunt criminals in the lyrics of rappers has accustomed every listener to take them lightly. It’s hard to think that any of the rappers who boast a life at the Tony Montana really killed and sold kilos of more drugs. Many rappers make gangster mythology the cornerstone of their artistry.

Young Thug, although he has always depicted a prominent criminal life in his music, is not primarily known to be a gangsta rapper, or better; he is an artist who has made contrasts as shrill as they are captivating the backbone of his music. To be clear: his stage name means “young criminal” and at concerts he goes dressed as a woman.

With his unconventional fashion sense (as well as his rap), Young Thug regularly showed up with painted nails, skinny jeans or a girl’s dress on. Yet the text of Trap Back it is filled with the worst references to massive drug dealing, unruly sex, deadly weapons and rampant drug abuse.

That the trapper can afford to do all this in the face of the rough landscape of American rap game has always suggested a certain authority in his street life. This doesn’t make the allegations made to him true, but it does make them plausible, especially following the investigation and Lil Keed’s death.

Over the past three years, Young Thug has grown into one of the biggest giants in trap music amid bitter controversy and loud cheers. In his own way he marked a cultural reminder in hip hop through his establishing himself as an icon. The imagery of a criminal business man New Jack City, taken from his greatest inspiration Lil ‘Waynehowever, he may have ended up ferrying him towards one of the darkest destinies for an artist of his caliber.

Forecasts for its future are difficult and difficult are the opinions to be drawn up about it. All that remains is to see if Young Thug will be able to emerge from these concoctions continuing the path of his enormous success or if he will end up spending decades in jail with a destroyed career in his hands.

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