WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson suggested becoming president of the United States from fellow Hall of Famer Rikishi

WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was backed to become president of the United States by fellow Hall of Famer Rikishi.

The 50-year-old is recently rumored to be returning to the field for an epic title match against Roman Reigns.

WWE legend Rikishi says he would vote for his cousin in real life


Aside from his exploits in the ring, Hollywood’s most lucrative actor continues to enjoy huge success on the big screen.

However, last year he revealed that he would happily run for president, but only if the American public so wishes.

Now his real-life cousin Rikishi, real name Solofa Fatu, has revealed that he would vote for The Rock to lead the nation.

The 56-year-old told Bally Sports’s Brandon Robinson: “I’m voting for him!

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“I don’t know whether to be the vice president … [laughs] I’ll vote for him though because I’m not the political cat; I’m just the cat who supports people ”.

Rikishi also recalled how he believed The Rock was destined for a career in the NFL rather than following in the family’s footsteps and entering the world of wrestling, let alone a record run in Hollywood.

He said, “Well, the Rock was younger and we weren’t very close to each other, you know? I’m from the west coast, he was out there on the east coast.

“We all knew him and his dad and they flew all over the place, but when we finally met, it was fine!


“A kid from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who is in high school; he was always in the gym… I sure thought he would play NFL football, you know?

“Like, it’s really going to be like that because it’s been raised, if you see some of the documentaries, you know? It’s true! At 13 he was an adult size! She was a BEAST!

“But you know, with everything, God has a plan for everyone and I’m so grateful to be able to see what Dwayne did in his life, you know?

“He joined the family business, went out there and opened the doors to Hollywood not only for himself, but opened the doors for many wrestlers in our industry to be able to fit in and go to Hollywood, and also that, they can do just by seeing what Dwayne did -, you have a wrestler who comes from our industry in Hollywood and has pretty much taken over all of Hollywood!

“I mean, this is the work ethic as a pro wrestler… we know nothing but fatigue, we find things out and see things coming from a mile away.

“When you’re on TV, shooting live, there’s no pre-cassette. Just give me your directions and we put it in our own words and we make it happen!

“And when you see Rock in Hollywood, we all knew that unless something happened to him, that guy would take over Hollywood! Years later, here it is “.

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