Who is Nadia Ferreira, who is Marc Anthony engaged to?

Mark Anthony It’s one of the Latin American singers most successful in recent times within the American and Spanish-speaking industry, but it is also one of the most sought-after gallants and lucky in love.

He recently revealed that he is going for his fourth Marriage, this time with the model and celebrity Nadia Ferrera, who is 30 years younger than him.

Who is Nadia Ferreira?

In addition to being the new beauty that conquered the heart of Mark Anthony, Nadia is all one celebrity in his native Paraguay.

In 2021, at the age of 22, he participated in the contest of Miss Universe 2021 In representation of Paraguay. The young woman came in second place against Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu from India.

He gained popularity at the age of 15 when he made his television debut and participated in Miss Teen Universe 2015. What model He debuted at the age of 13.

According to data from the official website of Miss UniverseNadia is also a successful businesswoman and CEO of NFa family business that seeks to support and help the development of women experiencing domestic violence.

Since she was little she has considered herself “a person of community service” so that when she grew up she became a social activist which also advocates for women deprived of their liberty who seek reintegration into society.

during his race has worked as Professional model in at least seven countries Mexico, United States, Paraguay, Turkey, Qatar, Germany and United Arab Emirates and has starred in several shows at Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, Paris and Qatar.

Among other talents, Ferreira is a lover of languages, which is why he became polyglot; he currently speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and native Paraguayan.

He began his courtship with Mark Anthony earlier this year, after ending her relationship with businessman Luis Colokuris; she previously dated the businessman Omar Castorino Montanaro.

Since her 23rd birthday on May 10, Nadia had boasted a Diamond ring in social networks with photos taken during their celebrations, but it was days later that both celebrities confirmed the commitment.

The announcement of his next marriage It happened almost three months after it became known that they were dating.

Marriages of Marc Anthony

The interpreter of Live my life He has fallen in love several times with various beauties, some of them as famous as he is, and has taken them to the altar in incredible ceremonies.

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres

The first time Anthony, 53, married was in 2000 with Diana Torreswho is a model born in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico.

They got married in an exclusive wedding in Las Vegas, but in 2001 they renewed their vows in a Catholic ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They both had children Cristian and Ryan Muñiz Torres; in 2003 the couple divorced.


Photo: AP

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

The Latin American singers they got married in 2004 and had their twins Emme Y Maximilian Muniz.

Apparently it has been the longest and most formal relationship of both, since they lasted together little more than seven years and although they seemed perfect together, JLo revealed in an interview that she was never happy, but wanted to keep her family together and raise her children within a marriage.

Mark and Jennifer They began their courtship shortly after she ended her engagement to Ben Affleck and he his marriage to Dayanara. They were married months later.


Photo: AP

Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima

The salsero arrived at the altar with the Venezuelan model in 2014 and their marriage lasted just three years. The supposed main reason for their separation was their busy schedules, but it was revealed that in exchange for the divorceMarc had to pay child support of 10 thousand dollars for three years and left him two luxury properties that they had bought during their marriage.


Photo: AP

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