This is Sofia Vergara’s millionaire mansion

Sofía Vergara is one of the most famous actresses in the world, and in fact, she could be the most popular Colombian in Hollywood, in addition to taking the title of the highest paid actress in the American film industry for several consecutive years.

This has made his numbers on social networks continue to rise and he already has a little over 25 million followers on Instagram. In the same way, she is currently one of the judges of “America’s Got Talent”, where she has worked for several seasons.

With her charisma, her comments and her way of being, the Colombian continues to be a trend in social networks. However, many wonder about her personal life, because she keeps it private, especially everything that she has to do with her husband, also actor Joe Manganiello.

The couple has been in a relationship for about eight years and has been married for seven years, and they have the eyes of many of their followers on them and their family. As expected, the two bought a mansion in Los Angeles, in one of the most exclusive sectors.

This is Sofia Vergara’s millionaire mansion

The house has 1,600 square meters of living space, not counting the gardens, courts and surroundings of the property, it is Tuscan style and was built during the 90s. Before belonging to the couple it had more owners who expanded and decorated it.

Currently the property has a movie theater, a large fireplace, a gym with mirrored walls, a Greek-style pool, a Jacuzzi, a tennis and basketball court, as well as two living rooms and two dining rooms, one of them for 12 people.

Another of its specifications is that it has six large rooms, in addition to 10 bathrooms and different recreation areas. All this has captivated the couple, and as expected, also their millions of followers.

Finally, for those who are interested in learning more about the mansion inside and out, this real estate company shared a video in which you can enjoy various areas of the aforementioned millionaire property.

The comments have not been long in coming and more than one was surprised by the huge mansion of the Colombian and her husband. However, several also wonder about the number of people who live there, since it is quite impressive in size and the couple does not have children, but it seems that they must have a good number of workers with them.

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