Pirates of the Caribbean producer assures that the future of Johnny Depp in the franchise is not yet decided

Producer of Pirates of the Caribbean assures that the future of Johnny Depp in the franchise is not yet aá  decided

Pirates of the Caribbean producer assures that the future of Johnny Depp in the franchise is not yet decided

Between the 1930s and 1950s, adventure movies were in full swing, and just as we could see films about Robin Hood and many other guys who fought with swords or jumped into a dangerous place in order to rescue a lady in danger or prove their worth, pirate stories were also a sensation. As the years went by, the stories evolved and the interest of the audiences also.

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Adventure cinema continued to exist, but it went more towards explorations in the jungle or trips to unimaginable places, as well as confrontations with different types of dangers. Pirates seemed to have gone out of style, unless they were used for Peter Pan-style children’s stories. However, in 2003 this changed, and pirates re-emerged from the bottom of the sea to become, once again, one of the greater interests of the public that, in addition, would generate large amounts of money.

With Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (79%), the pirate’s impact grew noticeably and the main source of that success was the way in which Johnny Depp immortalized the legendary, and unlucky, Jack Sparrow. His carefree but brave image caught the attention of young and old, making him a hero full of flaws. Even, in those years, the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean it was the main source of income for Disney.

As time progressed, the films began to lose their narrative quality (especially) and the interest was no longer the same; perhaps the only thing that kept them going was Depp’s presence. Now that the actor is on trial for his ex-wife Amber Heard, his relationship with the company has been affected, and after being fired from the franchise, there seemed to be no hope of ever seeing Sparrow on screen again. big.

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However, things are beginning to take a turn for the worse now that Jerry Bruckheimer, the Hollywood mega-producer behind the franchise, has given signs that the end of this pirate is not entirely decided. During an interview with The TimesBruckheimer pointed out that, although Depp will not be part of pirates of the caribbean 6his future in the franchise is not yet fully decided and they are willing to receive it.

Do not [volverá] right now. The future is yet to be decided.

It is clear that if the current trial facing the actor begins to turn in his favor, those who initially turned their backs on him may regret it. And it is that, the only reason why many people continued to consume those films was because of their protagonist: Jack Sparrow was Pirates of the Caribbean, he was what generated money. For now, the franchise may not be given enough priority, especially since it is no longer the main source of income for Disney now that it has blockbusters like the MCU or the Star Wars universe.

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So far, it is known that the sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean It would star Margot Robbie and it is not yet known where the plot would go. It should also be remembered that during one of Johnny’s interventions on the stand, he was asked if he would be willing to work with Disney again, to which he flatly refused.

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