Netflix’s Lost Eden

The series finally premiered. welcome to eden Netflix, a project that in just a couple of weeks since its premiere has become one of the darlings of the platform. But is it really a good series? Go read.

The truth since I met the premise of welcome to eden, I was very curious where they would take the story about a group of young people who are recruited into a kind of retreat on a paradise island in which lurid things happen. Since I saw the trailer I immediately thought of the series Nine Perfect Strangers from Prime Video starring Nicole Kidman, which I thought was wonderful and on the other hand I thought of Elite and a little in euphoria. And that is what the series has. It is a bit of everything and nothing at the same time. Although he had the opportunity to defend himself with this story that feels like you saw it elsewhere, the reality is that they did not know what to do with the plot and the script was lactose-free light. There are few series that invite me to abandon them. This is one of them. I didn’t do it to be able to write this column but I’ve heard from several people who don’t make it to the third chapter. Fortunately, I got to that episode, which I appreciate, because from the last minutes of it, things improve and it already takes you by the hand to finish the season. Ah because there is nothing I hate as much as leaving a movie or a series. It makes me very angry to feel that I wasted my time and even more so now that there is so much to see on platforms and in theaters, that I really think twice about what I am going to see for pleasure, because of course a large part of the content I consume is for work.

In addition to the fact that the script never ends, the performances feel weak and little used, something that, for example, in Elite they do very well and not to mention euphoria Y Nine Perfect Strangers, a series that although it takes one to get into it, once you do, you don’t want to stop until you reach the end and understand what happens to this group of strangers who enter a house with the promise of spiritual salvation. One of the stars of the series is Belinda, from whom a great return to acting was expected, but the reality is that she cannot convince. I don’t know if it’s a steering problem or it just didn’t give the width. There were many years that the singer was also out of this acting world and it could be that this has her a bit rusty, at least that’s how she feels with the role that Beli plays and that in some way competes with the one that Danna Paola did gloriously in Elite. Although Belinda was chosen to play a popular influencer because her role suited her, I must say that she did not seem like she put much effort into giving a performance. It was just Belinda being Belinda. And that is not valid. This thing of seeing a character in a pose all the time, sorry but no role justifies it. From then on, the rest of the cast is x and I think it doesn’t give much more with everything and that the second season is already being filmed. I’m sorry but today we had to be a bit harsh with a project that has become a trend, but I think, more for fashion and curiosity than for quality. I very much doubt that “word of mouth” is what is moving the platform’s famous algorithm. Not to mention, friends of Netflix will have to put more effort into their future projects.



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