“Multinazionale” (produced by Mind) is released, the debut piece by the Palermo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pasquale Provenzano (self produced by the artist himself and distributed by the Mind record label), available on all digital platforms and in radio rotation. The song anticipates the release of the first album “Piccole, minuscole cose”.

The “Multinazionale” video clip literally accompanies the performance of the song, in a sort of “indie-pop waltz”, on the notes of which Pasquale Provenzano lets himself go to his mental lucubrations. The singer-songwriter (born in ’95) thus recounts his resignation to the social condition in which we inexorably drown: “our lives led under the banner of consumerism and the need to feel accepted, which dissolves in standardization. During his wandering through Via Roma (Palermo), the singer-songwriter gets lost in traffic, in the lights of the city, in a game of speed that sees him as a slow protagonist in the frenzy of these days. A short odyssey in thoughts, which ends didactically “at the Central Station” of Palermo, in a melancholy journey, with a suspended ending.

“Multinazionale” is a song: “enchanting and magical, wide-ranging, which brings together pop, sacred and profane metaphors – explains Provenzano -. Idols and madonnas of globalization are the protagonists of a new faith that cancels personality in favor of standardization. “Multinational” takes the listener by weight and carries him away, passing into the sky of a love story that is both universal and private, a metaphor for the prevailing consumerism “.

Pasquale Provenzano’s musical style mixes synth and songwriting, poetry and lo-fi in a new and skilful way, thanks to heterogeneous influences, ranging from Dimartino, Lucio Dalla and John Mayer, up to Billie Eilish.

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