Kim Kardashian was considered “hypocritical” for protesting environmental disasters despite using a $ 150 million private jet that consumes gas

KIM Kardashian has been criticized as a hypocrite for spending years protesting an environmental disaster affecting her personal neighborhood, damaging the air of the rest of the country every time she takes out her private jet.

In a series of Instagram stories, platinum blonde attorney-in-law endorsed California State Senator Henry Stern’s re-election offer and praised the incumbent for his work pushing to clean up the clean up contamination from the former Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

The reality star has been criticized in the past for using an expensive and polluting private jet


The facility, located high in the hills above his home in the San Fernando Valley, once served as a testing ground and then a landfill for things like rocket engines, small-scale nuclear reactors, and chemical lasers.

“I just got a call from Senator Henry Stern and he made me feel really helpful,” shared the founder of SKIMS. “We need people like him in charge because these environmental disasters are not solved overnight.”

In fact, Kim, 41, has been struggling to clean up the area since at least 2019.

“The areas we grew up in, like the mountains and oceans, all around us, really deserve to be protected.”

But instead of garnering acclaim, Kim earned the ire of fans, who couldn’t believe the same woman who takes private jets on rides across the country is asking for help affecting her personal home.

“Hey Kimbo. You and your family (and all your gruff rich people) contribute GREATLY to these disasters, ”wrote one person. “Guide to example. Do something good for the damned good. “

Below, other agreed uses.

“She loves improving the environment as long as her taxes don’t rise and she isn’t disturbed,” wrote another.

One fan remarked: “Kim and her family are one of the most expensive and consumerist families out there.”

And one really lashed out at the reality star: “What an asshole.

“Fly your private jet 17 fucking miles and then again a lesson on the environment.

Dull tone, back to sex tapes at least we didn’t have to listen to your useless opinions on everything.

“I’m right about these Kardashians.”


The outburst was reminiscent of the feedback Kim was flooded with a few weeks ago when she took her multimillion-dollar private jet on a 17-minute flight, covering just 35 miles, while producing 2 tons of CO2 emissions.

According to online flight locatorsthe quick trip between two neighboring Southern California towns totaled about 145 gallons of jet fuel, costing $ 914.

On Reddit, fans couldn’t believe the reality star would take such an environmentally damaging trip.

“From Camarillo to Van Nuys it takes 40-60 minutes by car,” wrote one person. “If he really needed to save that time, a helicopter would have been more than enough.”

While another agreed: “Environmental destruction> 40 minutes drive, I guess?”

A follower asked how the whole family is not ostracized for their behavior: “The environmental destruction of the Kardashian family is unfathomable.

Flying is one of the absolute worst things you can do on the planet.

“Why aren’t people denouncing them for the impact they are having on the climate crisis?”

However, one fan had simply had enough: “I never want to see Kim EVER post anything about our climate. What a disgusting sight ”.


Kim has been stepping up flights into friendly skies lately, taking her awesome new plane on multiple trips across the country from her California home to east coast stops in Orlando or Washington, DC.

And travel is often for personal pleasure.

Kim sparked controversy last weekend when she flew to Orlando, where she and her boyfriend Pete Davidson were spotted leaving Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Kim was there to try on the iconic dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden in 1962.

She later wore the dress to the Met Gala.

A few days earlier, Kim and Pete, 28, left for Washington, DC for a romantic evening and an awards ceremony.

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