Juve have failed all their goals, but there is an even more serious failure. The forgetfulness of Agnelli is a sign of decline. The tribute to Chiello and Dybala. How Sarri is to be welcomed ….

The Juventus season is over. Juventus has no goals to achieve. All have failed. Unless you want to rejoice in the achievement of a fourth place whose coupon was removed without the suffering experienced in Pirlo’s season. Avoid beating the “tomorrow” bass drum. It’s all to be deciphered. The most serious failure was not having built for the future. If Allegri is honest, he must admit that his Juve, after qualifying for Championì’s, had a horrifying season. And that the game – which seemed impossible – has even worsened compared to the Sarri and Pirlo managements. It’s true, Allegri, he didn’t have Ronaldo, he only had Vlahovic in January, he didn’t have the Church, and injuries have long deprived him of Dybala too. Is this enough to justify the flop? Disrespectful thoughts towards who, at Juventus, have won five league titles and a few national cups? It may look like this. But that’s not the case: telling the truth is never disrespectful.

The reader Roberto Pregazzi wrote me all the colors after my last “Ambush”. How much the reader Renzo Visentin had been, conversely, lavish with praise. I thank them both. Criticism also stimulates. I disagree with the assessments of Mr. Pregazzi (who unkindly accused Tuttojuve of “bad information”) but I respect them. On one thing, however, I want to be clear. I can’t stand the Juventus president saying he “loves Inter”. You can estimate the Inter president: I have Inter friends with whom I disagree, I clash, with whom I disagree but who remain friends. I have colleagues of Inter faith, whom I respect as colleagues. But I will never put up with a Juve president declining public sense of love towards Inter. It is the club that holds (and shows off) a championship that it has never won. That the Juventus president has forgotten denotes an (perhaps) irreversible decline. “From Turin with love”. But Inter are not an opponent. Its players and its managers are. Inter is something different. It is a company with a vocation to win “at a table”. I will continue to write what I think, as long as my editor allows me to. My publisher is not on Juventus’ payroll. Just as I am not. If readers like Mr. Pregazzi (who I hope will continue to read me) want a different kind of information, they must turn elsewhere. Here they will (always) find free and honest information. Being fond of Juve does not mean being “vassals”. Reporting shortcomings and flaws means doing the job without conditioning. Criticisms from those who disagree are welcome: they would like to have a foundation.

Tomorrow the Lazio of the former Sarri will play. Read a wonderful article by Mario Sconcerti in the “Corriere della Sera” and you rejoice with yourself for being in such excellent company: Sconcerti also makes the decline of Juventus coincide with the arrival of Ronaldo. Wonderful soloist unable to make a group. Individualist who unleashed divisions, envy, riots in the locker room. Not just for the exorbitant salary received. Juventus, before him, had had another abnormal soloist: Omar Sivori. With one basic difference: Sivori viscerally loved Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo was a splendid “alien” unable to live among humans. One like the first Bob Dylan who didn’t need an orchestra. A harmonica and a guitar were enough for him to make music.

What will happen to Juventus? Frankly, I have no idea. I read about possible leave (Nedved?) At the executive level. Of possible great returns (Pogba?), Of sensational engagements (Di Maria? Perisic?) Of incredible goals (Milinkovic Savic?). I do not know. It seems to me that these names collide (and greatly) with the economic situation of Juventus.

Sarri’s Lazio arrives. And the hope is that it will be well received by the fans. Man does not shine for sympathy. But he won the latest Juventus championship. And his leave was not exactly “stately”. I hope the public claps Chiellini and Dybala for a long time, in their last match at the Allianz. Chiellini is a totem: if he does not go to the US he will go directly to Madama’s desk. Dybala is not a “traitor”: not even he should end up at Inter. He is one whose trust has not been renewed. There will not be the emotion that there was for Alex Del Piero’s farewell. But I hope there will be a lot of applause. They are two champions who have honored the shirt. Not a little, these days.

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