Jellied Botargas Finally Coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch with PlayStation and PC Crossplay

Epic Games was preparing an announcement for ‘Fall Guys’Apparently the novelty would be an event with “Fortnite”, but that was only the beginning of his new strategy. Repeating the ‘Rocket League’ formula, the game will no longer be paid and will now be free.

The interesting thing is that the announcement comes hand in hand with the expected versions of Xbox and Nintendo Switch will arrive on June 21remembering that until now it was exclusive to consoles on PlayStation, without forgetting its PC version.

The first season of the new version of ‘Fall Guys’ will be available on the same day as the Nintendo and Xbox versions, managing its battle pass where we can receive items by completing the weekly challenges and with the experience of each game.

They clarified that the new season will have 100 levelswith the possibility of acquiring the next battle pass if it is completed in its entirety.

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As expected, the game will be cross-experienced and all content will be shareable between versions with our Epic Games account.

Users who have Xbox Game Pass will receive special costumes during the first three months of launch.

They also confirmed that on June 21 the PlayStation 5 will receive an update which will improve the graphics of the game. In the case of Steam users, the developers confirmed that the application will disappear and will only be playable on the Epic Games Store.

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