George Clooney ‘doesn’t leave Johnny Depp alone’

The 61-year-old actor shares a common taste with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. Keep reading and find out what it is.

People magazine came to consider them on more than one occasion -both- as the “Sexiest Men on Planet Earth”. George Clooney and Johnny Depp are two of the faces that leave more sighs behind their steps; In addition, the film industry has them as ‘warhorses’ when it comes to producing a hit on the big screen.

Depp is going through a difficult time in his personal life that is also having an impact on the work aspect. The trial that he initiated against her ex-wife, Amber Heard, where he accused her of defamation after she published an article in the Washington Post in which she suggested having received physical and sexual abuse by the actor, has closed many doors.

However, the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” still has several friends in the industry. Among them I find Clooney’s ‘beautiful’, with whom he has a connection in which cars are the umbilical cord. Both actors have as their “favorite toy” a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette.

This machine from the North American manufacturer represents the first generation of a model that has become a flagship for Chevrolet since its inception.. Taking a look at all the ‘four wheels’ that the market offers, there are few that can generate -and continue to generate- this beauty that began to be produced from 1953 to 1962. The one of the actors in question, is one of red with visible chrome.

The engine of this Corvette is close to 290 HP and takes it to a power of 294 HP. Unlike previous versions, the 1959 model underwent a slight change in its frontal appearance: two double optics replaced the headlights and the bumper became more prominent in its appearance. The seats also completely change their upholstery compared to the Corvette of the first years and in this version of 59 the seat belts are released for the first time.

With a much sportier look than its predecessors and with a convertible version, this Corvette became a reference for the entire movie mecca. There are not a few actors and directors who have disbursed 60 thousand dollars to acquire a unit of this type. But without a doubt, Johnny Depp and George Clooney are the two most recognized…

+ Here is the Corvette that Clooney and Depp like so much

1959 Chevy Corvette

Johnny Depp and George Clooney’s Chevrolet Corvette

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