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Every ending has a beginning. With that phrase (Every end has a beginning) the twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of stranger thingsanticipate that the season 4, which premieres May 27 on Netflixwill begin to close many of the questions surrounding the strange events in the town of Hawkins.

The penultimate season andIt is divided into two parts: the first opens on May 27, and the second exactly 5 weeks later, on July 1. With more mature characters, the official trailer anticipates more action, suspense and darkness, with Hawkins at the epicenter of a war in which Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her powers will have a decisive role in the fate of the town.

In addition, in this season you will be able to discover in depth the Upside Down, the alternative dimension that exists in parallel with the human world of stranger thingsand its terrifying inhabitants.

1 – A featuring with Freddy Krueger

Robert Englund in the new season of Stranger Things

One of the aspects that generates the most expectation among fans of stranger things and the horror movies of the ’80s is the arrival in the series of Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger himself. The most curious thing is that it was Englund who approached the Duffer brothers to be considered as part of the cast. The directors, deeply inspired by the saga of A Nightmare on Elm Streetthey did not doubt it for a minute: it was meant to be.

So far, we know that Englund will play the character of Victor Creel, serving time for murdering his entire family in a mental hospital. Both Victor and Creel House – which opens a new path to the Upside Down – will have a lot of prominence in this season.

2 – It’s Netflix’s Ultimate Hope

season 4 of stranger things it comes at a particular time for the platform: it is the first time in 10 years that it has lost subscribers. So far in 2022, Netflix has lost 200,000 users and its shares have fallen more than 22%.

The Duffer series is not only the most popular on this streaming service, but its fourth season became the most important premiere in Netflix history. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • stranger things accumulates more than 3,582.1 million hours viewed
  • 40.7 million subscribers watched the third season in the first 4 days of its premiere
  • 18.2 million users finished it in the same period
  • 64 million customers viewed it in the first four weeks
  • The third season was watched more than 500 million times before 2022

3 – The second most expensive series in history

Season 4 is not only the most expensive of the series, but is the second most expensive streaming series in history behind The Rings of Powerfrom Amazon Prime Video.

With an investment of US$30 million per episode, the budget is three times that of previous seasons of stranger things (between US$8 million and US$10 million per chapter).

4 – The terror of the ’80s, more present than ever

Set in the ’80s stranger things It is full of references to films by directors who marked the time such as Steven Spielberg, Wes Craven, John Carpenter and George Lucas, among others.

However, this season will incorporate even more references to ’80s culture, especially its horror movies. Just look at the latest promotional poster released by Netflix and how it perfectly recreates the retro style of a decade that marked the history of cinema on fire.

5 – The most bizarre

The character of Max Mayfield, played by actress Sadie Sink, will also have a lot of prominence in this new season. In the various interviews he gave on the occasion of the premiere, he assured that the fourth season is the most “bizarre” that has been seen so far: “In addition, we will be able to explore many different themes and different angles of the characters that everyone knows and loves, So I’m looking forward to it,” he added. At this point, all the fans are wanting the same thing, Sadie.

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