‘Fast & Furious 10′ bets on more muscle with a new signing

‘Fast & Furious 10′ continues to take shape after the surprising departure of its director, justin lin, which paralyzed filming for a few days. A departure from one of the longest-serving members after having filmed four movies, and due to, according to US sources, friction with Vin Diesel. In his place will be louis leterrierfrom ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Now You See Me’.

With him and with the signings of Brie Larson, Daniela Melchior Y Jason Momoa as one of the villains, among others, the cast was completed, although now, at the last minute, the production has considered the arrival of more muscle -as if that weren’t enough-.

Alan Ritchson arrives

After having Vin Diesel on staff, and getting the services of Jason Statham, John Cena Y Jason Momoaand after leaving out Dwayne Johnson because of his relationship with Diesel, from the management they have made the decision to sign Alan Ritchsona figure that is growing in Hollywood, and not only because of his physique.

The American actor began working on series like ‘Feeling of living: The new generation‘, ‘Smallville‘, Y ‘titans‘, and it has now been with his interpretation of Jack Reacher in ‘reacher‘, where he was able to give the ultimate claim to fameachieving good numbers with the Amazon Prime Video series, which will also have a second season.

The series has been a success on the multimedia platform, and that is why Amazon has decided to sign a contract with him to renew it for a second season and three films. But, before all this, Ritchson will join the filming of ‘Fast 10’, which will hit theaters around the world in a year, the May 19, 2023.

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